Activate AnimatorPro Plugin

After you buy the plugin you’ll receive a ZIP file, by extracting this file you’ll noticed that there is two folders AnimatorPro Website and Plugin inside the Plugin folder there is animator-pro.js file and this is the plugin file.

Now open the Pinegrow go to File > Manage frameworks click on Load plugin choose the JavaScript file then click Add.

Load AnimatorPro Plugin

Open any template inside Pinegrow You can download this template we will use it in our docs, click on the gear icon beside the search icon under LIB panel.

Gear Icon

Click on the Activate link beside the AnimatorPro, it will automatically add JavaScript needed for the plugin, like WayPoints you can add it manually to your HTML file. Close the window. Under the ACT panel you’ll find all animation settings you’ll use to create your awesome animations !.

WP Panel

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