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Animate Elements Inside Carousel

Hi again, this is the new feature of the AnimatorPro 1.1, with it you’ll be able to animate elements inside Bootstrap Carousel and tabs, in fact you’ll be able to animate element inside any library or plugin that uses jQuery to add class when something happen (in carouse plugin active class added to the slide when […]

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General Concepts

There are several things I had to talk about it earlier, let’s talk about it in this post. Triggers: In the AnimatorPro v1.0 there are four triggers you can use in your animations Load: if you used this trigger the animation will start when the $(document).ready fire. Click: the animation will start when the current […]

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Activate AnimatorPro Plugin

After you buy the plugin you’ll receive a ZIP file, by extracting this file you’ll noticed that there is two folders AnimatorPro Website and Plugin inside the Plugin folder there is animator-pro.js file and this is the plugin file. Now open the Pinegrow go to File > Manage frameworks click on Load plugin choose the JavaScript file […]

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